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Folyóirat olvasó

A folyóirat-kölcsönzést csak a Folyóirat-olvasók Klubjába beiratkozott 18 éven felüli bejegyzett balatonfüredi állandó vagy ideiglenes lakcímmel rendelkezők vehetik igénybe.

Folyóiratlista 2017.


Historical survey

History of the City Library and Regional Historical Collection
at Balatonfüred

The library was open in the summer months only, so following the demands of the health resort.
Its visitors and users were received in the Horváth-house standing in the heart of the bathing establishment.

After Mr.Edelmann’s death (1854) the library has been passed into somebody other’s hand, it could keep its function for a couple of years but the exact closing date is not known yet.
In the 19th-20th century there were several libraries at Balatonfüred so from the mid of the 19th century onwards through about 100 years (until 1945) there was minimum one library where people wishing to read could do so.

The predecessor of the present library was opened as public library in 1949 which was converted into a village library in 1953 then into a district one in 1954.

In 1954 the building in Kossuth str. 26. – the former parish hall – has been given to the library.
In 1963 the new library was opened in the former building of the Waterworks on the occasion of the book week then due to its demolition it was moved to the Vasas Cultural Centre (1971).
Originally the building has been erected as a Calvinist congregation house (1934). In 1980 it has turned out that walls and furnitures of the building have been attacked by a fungal infection, it actually became unfit for functioning.Between 1980 and 1987 the library has been moved temporarily to the Bagolyvár (Owlery).

The library has been reopened at its original location but in the renovated building on 28th May 1987.

Separate space has been given to the children’s library, sound archiv, periodicals room. In addition to lending books it was possible to lend magazines and newspapers, to photocopy, to listen to music, to copy audio materials. In the early 90s the library has been provided with computers coupled with a steadily modernization process.

On 19th August 1993 a new unit has been attached to the institution, i.e. the Regional Historical Collection has been opened giving room for the local collection of the library, for Mr. Zákonyi’s and Mr. Lipták’s posthumus works.

In 1994 the library could develop its videotheque very significantly by using the support from the National Cultural Fund. In August 1994 a bookshop has been opened in the library, too, but then this was closed in the meantime.

1994-2004: The book stock of the library has been increased to as much as 70 000 volumes at its new site during the nearly three decades. Not only their own programs take place in the building but also programs of other organizations, institutes.

On 1st January 1996 the library has been fused with the city cultural centre. The institution started its function as Aranyhíd (Golden Bridge) Cultural Institute.

Members of the institution were: City Library, City Cultural Centre, City Regional Historical Collection.

The Aranyhíd (Golden Bridge) Cultural Institute has been closed on 30th June 2003. On 1st July 2003 the library and the cultural centre have been separated.

Since 1st January 2010 the name of the institution is: City Library.

On 1st January 2010 the special library and research service of the Regional Historical Collection have been moved into the building of the City Museum (Blaha L. str. 3.).


Heads of the institution: 

1953 – 1954. Mr. József Fülöp,
1955 – 1956. Mr. Béla Varga,
1956 – 1989. Mrs. I. Rosta,
1989 – 1997. Mrs. Katalin György Juhász,
since 1997 Mrs. Hajnalka Sárközi Sárovits director.


City Regional Historical Collection – separate local collection of the City Library.

On 19th August 1993 Mr. Károly Simon mayor has opened the building of the collection and at the same time also the exhibition „Balatonfüred on postcards for 100 years”.

He noted that the body of representatives at Balatonfüred has voted 100% for the establishment of the regional historical collection.
There are permanent exhibitions in the exhibition room of the building or on other outside locations since the establishment of the collection. The most important one was the local history exhibition – being open for more than half a year - in the Bagolyvár (Owlery) Gallery. The next exhibition with great importance has been opened with the title „The memories of the war of independence at Füred” in the building of the collection motivated by the 150th anniversary of the 1848-49 revolution and war of independence.
In summer 2004 a commemorative exhibition has been opened from Mr. Ferenc Protiwinsky’s paintings in the Jókai Memorial Museum. Otherwise he is a Füred-born painter.
Our publications are:
   • since 1994 the brochure „Anniversaries at Füred” is published each
   • in 1995 Mrs. Erzsébet Karika: Mr. Ferenc Zákonyi’s bibliography,
   • in 1996 „Segments from the history of Balatonfüred”,
   • in 1997 „… fairy land of our beautiful Hungarian country…”,
   • in 1998 „Mr. Gábor Csajághy’s memory”,
   • since 2001 the regional historical review „History of Füred”
      is published each year (3 editions),
   • in 2003 „Greetings from Balatonfüred”,
   • in 2004 „The always beautiful Balaton” and „Golden Bridge” have
      been published by the library and the collection.

Heads of the Regional Historical Collection:

1993 – 2000 Mrs. L. Németh, since 2001 Mr. Miklós Elek,
since 2008 Mrs. Dr.Anna Ács.

The research room of the Regional Historical Collection can be found on the first floor of the City Museum (Blaha L. str. 3.) since May 2010.
The Regional Historical Society has been founded with 25 members in the City Regional Historical Collection on 15th December 1994 and it is hosted there even today. And this is not by an accident, as the task of the collection is identical with that of the society, they mutually support each other’s work.
Chairman of the society was Prof. Dr. Mihály Horváth, secretary:
Mrs. L. Németh.
Chairman of the society: Mrs. Anikó Szenfner Varga, secretary:
Mr. Miklós Elek.
Now chairman of the society is Mrs. Anikó Szenfner Varga, secretary:
Ms. Györgyi Tóth.


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